By Gwyn Thomas

Gwyn Thomas presents an obtainable English translation of Dafydd ap Gwilym's, (the so much prolific and well-known of medieval Welsh poets), entire poems. The poems are annotated to carry out their historic and literary context.

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32 30 DAFYDD AP GWILYM: HIS POEMS Well does the leader keep a goodly custody, He wishes well to me, through custom made me bold; Steel-chased is the door of combat on the land of the sea’s frail shore, Moreover he’s a door undaunted: Deira pays him homage! 36 There’s no flaw in supplication to the lively chieftain; All say he gives provisions without fault; He sustains a coming, garments, potency – In Huail’s ways – [and] plentiful provision. 40 A lustrous, gracious lordship, Unstinting – no other man has the same valour; With no fault, a splendid door, bold, savage, [and] of valorous intent, [He is] a blameless golden lord, [and one] of deep nobility.

116 Refined king’s successor, fleur (golden line) de lis Saving a Paris bell-house; A valiant Welshman has [now] left us: One’s been taken, Wales is lower. 120 If my uncle’s dead (Arabian gold of splendid Wales), It is a mighty wonder I’ve not become (the nephew worried for him) [Or] that I shall become deranged, God my lord! 124 –––– After a liberal lord it is bad and harsh; [After] a wine-cellar, crowd-director, [it is] hard on poets; Of splendid instinct, the kind for all-round giving. The world’s congenial feats are forever fallen!

At the fair court of Basaleg they gave [all] a welcome, And its floor of gold colour was a great place for carousing, 40 Where there would be talking, wine vessels free-flowing, And a beaming cup-bearer and many thin brows. Blade-shattering, Angle-scatt’ring in the good way of Ll}r Newly-bathed, and a battle-bruising [and] multi-privileged lion. 44 Pillar of a host, [and] widely loved, with rich kin in the realm; May the Lord guide [them] to heaven’s sleep in old age! , harp-string. 42. Lines 11 and 12 are reminiscent of lines by Taliesin addressed to Urien: ‘.

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