By Vassos Karageorghis;Edgar J. Peltenburg

The newest finds--architectural continues to be, burial gadgets, stone artifacts, pottery, and copper objects--from contemporary excavations point out that Cyprus performed a extra pivotal position in pre-Bronze Age socioeconomic improvement than was once formerly concept. This e-book describes findings from excavations at Lemba, the location the place crucial new information regarding this era has been exposed. incorporated are illustrations of many formerly unpublished or unexhibited fabrics from either the Cyprus Museum and the J. Paul Getty Museum. This ebook serves as a catalog to the February 1990 exhibition held on the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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The body is incised with two bisected V's, the lower one at the pubic area, the other at the breasts. The belly bulges slightly. Bibliography: E . J . Peltenburg, Lemba Archaeological Project I : Excavations at Lemba-Lakkous, 1976-1983, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology 70:1 ( G ö t e b o r g , 1985), pi. 1, fig. 18. (See also figs. 3 and 4) 31 13. C R U C I F O R M FIGURE OF LIME­ figure has broad, flat thighs, deeply S T O N E SAID T O B E F R O M cut grooves separating the breasts SOUSKIOU and lower legs, and incised lines in­ Middle Chalcolithic dicating the toes.

X I I . 6 . 27 5. 5 cm Cyprus, No. K - T 493 The base of the bowl is flat; the sides are rounded on the exterior. Bibliography: Not previously published. 6. 5 cm; Diameter: 12 cm Cyprus, No. K - T 253 The bowl has a flat base, inward curving sides, and an open spout at the rim. Bibliography: V . Karageorghis, "Chronique des fouilles ä Chypre en 1977," Bulletin Correspondence p. 909, fig. 70. 28 HelUnique 102 (1978), de 7. 3 cm; Length: 27 cm Cyprus, No. 1978/XII-19/1 The body is oblong with a long neck and large, prominent tail.

10. FIDDLE-SHAPED IDOL OF LIMESTONE FROM SOTIRA Late Neolithic Height: 16 cm Cyprus, No. Sotira 106 This very abstract idol has the legs separated by a deep groove, the head indicated with a curved outline. Rather than a human figure, the idol seems simply the combination of male and female genitals. Bibliography: P. Dikaios, Sotira (Philadelphia, 1961), p. 201, pis. 106. 30 11. SEATED FIGURE OF LIMESTONE FROM SOTIRA Late Neolithic Height: 14 cm; Length: 11 cm Cyprus, No. 1981 /VIII-19/1 The legs, divided at a deep an­ gular central groove, are bent at the knees.

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