By Elizabeth North

Will not be you simply a bit curious? what's it approximately homosexual male romance that turns lady readers on? in actual fact that girls love romance and horny males. whilst it is a tale approximately males falling in love, there is two times the allure. we have now selected tales that run the gamut of M/M romantic fiction: from preliminary interest to the 1st blush of affection, from awkward first occasions to discovering success, and from heart-warming endlessly devotion to scorching and sweaty intercourse. ponder it as a romance buffet: take a little, attempt a bit dab, and locate the flavour of M/M romance that satisfies you.

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Up from the Blue: A Novel

Tillie Harris's existence is in disarray—her husband is away on company, the packing containers in her new domestic aren't unpacked, and the phone isn't really even attached but. notwithstanding she's no longer due for one more month, unexpected hard work pains strength Tillie to arrive out to her estranged father for support, a call that suggests dealing with the painful thoughts she's been operating from seeing that she used to be a bit lady.

The Year the Swallows Came Early

Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson loves cooking and plans to visit culinary tuition simply once she's sufficiently old. yet even Groovy's thoughtfully—planned menus will not repair the issues that begin to get it wrong the yr she turns eleven—suddenly, her father is in penal complex, her top friend's long-absent mom reappears, and the swallows that make their annual migration to her homeland arrive strangely early.

A Thousand Voices

Followed at 13, Dell Jordan was once enjoyed, mentored, and inspired to pursue her ardour for tune. Now, at twenty, after a 12 months overseas with a touring symphony, a scholarship to Julliard is close by. yet beneath Dell's easily polished floor lurk mysteries from the earlier. Why did her mom abandon her?

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57 Curious - A Woman's Introduction to Gay Romance by Amy Lane Sam bumped him with her elbow, making a bite of lasagna fall off his fork. " She shrieked as Aaron started tickling her. " was drowned out when Matthew joined the attack by tickling Sam's other side. He might or might not have been doing it so his fingers would brush Aaron's. After they calmed down, Sam said, "So, Aaron, the gang and I were going to take Matthew down to the river tomorrow and have a bonfire. " Aaron teased. " She raised her eyebrows significantly.

Wearing a tux was annoying, but at least he looked damn good in it. He'd grown a few inches taller and filled out since high school, discovering in college that running helped him think. He had made it a regular part of his morning routine ever since. His hair was a little longer at the back, and his face had matured, holding a serious, experienced air that came from the working world and being given the power to tell a large group of people what to do on a daily basis. He could still give cold, unwavering stares with the best of them.

He choked back a sob, the misery welling up inside him. How would he survive the next few years without him? He dug into the pocket of his baggy jeans, retrieving a slightly smushed candy bar from the depths. He sat, holding it in his hands, staring at it like it was some rare artifact—or an object of loathing. Tears continued to run silently down his face, falling on the bright plastic packaging. **** Seb surveyed the room with disinterest, trying to hold onto the flimsy food-covered plate and his barely-touched glass of wine, attempting to work out how to eat from one without spilling the other.

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