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For a given structure Ρ0/Ι& is a maximum for F a = Vco/2 at which value the electronic efficiency is 50%. An illustrative group of beam current curves for a series of dc voltages is shown in Fig. 13. The beam current curves are taken to be arcs of circles of different radii so that the total induced beam current on one curve at a fixed frequency is nearly constant. Therefore, for any one curve, as the susceptive current increases, the real power-producing cur­ rent and corresponding rf voltage decrease.

R . BUICK, G. REDDISH, AND J . oscillators. Proc. Inst. Elec. Engrs. ZUCKER, {London) Frequency pushing in crossed field 105,525 ( 1 9 5 8 ) . 10. J. GOULD, S p a c e charge effects i n b e a m t y p e 599 (1957) magnetrons. Appl. Phys. 11. 28, 0 . D O E H L E R A N D G . CONVERT, T h e signal t o n o i s e ratio i n t h e " M " carcinotron. LRU. Trans, on Electron Devices. ED-1, 184 ( 1 9 5 4 ) . 12. R . L . K R U L E E , C a r c i n o t r o n n o i s e m e a s u r e m e n t s . IJtJZ. Trans, on Electron Devices.

11. Efficiency v s c o u p l i n g i m p e d a n c e for a uhf carcinotron. the efficiency of a uhf tube at constant frequency vs the coupling im­ pedance of an interdigital line. The indicated coupling impedance is that found at the surface of the line. This is in agreement with the results on magnetrons where the efficiency is almost independent of the rf amplitude, if the amplitude is higher than a critical value. C. INFLUENCE OF CURRENT ON EFFICIENCY The efficiency generally increases approximately linearly with current, beginning with the starting current, and becomes constant for high cur­ rents.

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