By Ivar Ekeland (auth.)

In the case of thoroughly integrable structures, periodic suggestions are discovered through inspection. For nonintegrable platforms, resembling the three-body challenge in celestial mechanics, they're discovered via perturbation conception: there's a small parameter € within the challenge, the mass of the perturbing physique for example, and for € = zero the procedure turns into thoroughly integrable. One then attempts to teach that its periodic suggestions will subsist for € -# zero sufficiently small. Poincare additionally brought worldwide equipment, counting on the topological houses of the circulation, and the truth that it preserves the 2-form L~=l dPi 1\ dqi' the main celebrated end result he acquired during this course is his final geometric theorem, which states that an area-preserving map of the annulus which rotates the internal circle and the outer circle in contrary instructions should have fastened issues. And now one other old subject seem: the least motion precept. It states that the periodic suggestions of a Hamiltonian method are extremals of an appropriate vital over closed curves. In different phrases, the matter is variational. This truth used to be recognized to Fermat, and Maupertuis placed it within the Hamiltonian formalism. despite its nice aesthetic charm, the least motion precept has had little effect in Hamiltonian mechanics. there's, in fact, one exception, Emmy Noether's theorem, which relates integrals ofthe movement to symmetries of the equations. yet until eventually lately, no periodic resolution had ever been came upon through variational methods.

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The matrix Mh defines a Hermitian operator in (C2n. It is dearly invertible for Ihllarge. Let us proceed with the calculations: 5. The Iteration Formula 47 (98) (99) ( := ~ + M;;l iT Lu o dt . The map (uo,~) --+ (u o,() clearly is a linear isomorphism of L~ X (C2n into itself, and we may therefore adopt (u o , () as a new coordinate system in L2(0,T;(C2n). It follows from formula (98) that the subspaces U o = 0 and ( = 0 are qh-orthogonal, so the index of qh must be the sum of the indices of its restrictions to these subspaces.

J·T Define i V E JN to be the value of iT between (e2i7rQ ) , '" L

Proof. Define a self-adjoint operator Bs from L~(O, s) into itself by: (20) (Bsu,u) = is (B(t)Ju,Ju) dt. By formula (4), we have (21) So Bs is an isomorphism, and (Bsu, u) defines a Hilbert space structure on L~(O, s) which is equivalent to the standard one. Endowing L~(O, s) with the interior product (Bsu,u), and applying to Jils the spectral theory of compact selfadjoint operators on Hilbert space, we see that there is a basis en, n E 1N, of L~(O, s), and a sequence An -+ in ill, such that: ° (22) (BSei,ej) (23) (Jilse n , u) = 8ij = (BsAne n , u) Vu E L~(O, s) .

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