By Mark Bates

Discover ways to grasp and triumph over the main worthy and valuable command line instruments for Unix and Linux established structures. during this booklet you will discover not just the main important command line instruments you must understand, but additionally the main important innovations and flags for these instruments. Conquering the Command Line isn’t only a rehash of the fellow web page for those instruments, yet really a human-readable walk-through of those instruments to make you immediately extra efficient on your day-by-day improvement life.

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Starts the PasteBoard server (pbs), used to support end-user cut/copy/paste operations. postWS, and runs it if it exists. This file is for scripts that should be run after the WindowServer is run. This script exists on the Mac OS X Server install CD. In fact, many of the server-specific startup options live there. cdrom waits in the background. postWS does the following: Creates a RAM disk for configd's data store, mounts it at /private/var/run, and runs configd. Mounts /tmp as a RAM disk. Creates a RAM disk to support NetInfo (/var/db/netinfo) and starts NetInfo.

RAID 0+1 This is a combination of RAID 0 and 1, wherein two striped arrays are set up to mirror each other, resulting in faster performance while maintaining redundancy. If a disk in either stripe is lost, that stripe must be rebuilt and the mirror is marked as degraded. However, since all data is mirrored to the second stripe, the OS will know how to rebuild the stripe, because it's a component in the mirrored array. While this initially sounds like a very good idea, keep in mind that it's not a very efficient use of disk space, and that a loss of a drive in each array, however unlikely that seems, would result in complete data loss.

First and foremost, RAID is not backup. Backups preserve a history so that if you delete or otherwise lose a file, it can be recovered. RAID won't do that for you. All RAID provides is redundancy and (in some cases) increased performance. Backup provides long-term protection against a variety of data-loss scenarios. RAID, in a redundant configuration, protects almost solely against hardware failure. Both are important components of a redundancy strategy, but it's very important to not operate under the mistaken assumption that RAID frees you from thinking about backups.

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