By Kenneth Harding

How does a lady nonetheless in her children turn into a faithful slave to a domineering, merciless, sadistic male grasp? Betty Jane tells her tale to Kenneth Harding during this strange, in detail informed story of her lifestyles as a fortunately submissive and obedient topic. Humiliation in simple terms feeds her passionate nature, and ache and punishment heighten her delight in sexual pleasures if she is permitted to have them.

Even even though she might be sure and not able to accomplish sexual orgasm via sex or auto-erotic equipment, this degrading place deals a few delight to her unusual appetites. Betty Jane is a real intercourse slave in each feel of the word—she will do noting with no her master's permission, but she's going to do something he calls for. She certainly begs him to form her existence to his personal liking and should be completely obedient regardless of the results.

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Again she heard his chuckle. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her toward him. ” Now she felt silly. Of course he’d be seeing her naked soon. She might as well get it over with. Her hands flew to the fastenings, but he stopped them, holding them with his. ” He raised her hands to his lips, kissing the backs of them. As light as his touch was, it still sent thrills through her body. She lifted her face to his. Gehon hesitated, but only for a moment. Then he swooped down to claim her lips in a burning kiss.

Ah, yes. ” “Well, I had to test both of them. ” Lija stared at Jackon, piqued at this description of his conquests. “You took two women to bed while looking for your true? ” Her jealousy must have been obvious. The blond man held up his hands. ” He glared over at Gehon, who still snickered. “It’s not like you’ve been a Balamari monk for the past many years. ” Gehon nodded. “My share was somewhat less than yours. ” He turned to Lija. “Zelion men aren’t celibate by nature, but we are each faithful to our true once we find her.

Once she’d gotten to their destination, she’d have no trouble getting away from them. All she’d have to do is give her name to the authorities and she’d be free. Lija’s anger faded into sexual interest. Why not let these guys show her a good time? The worst that would happen would be that she’d enjoy herself. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? “So what you’re asking is to make love to me? ” She shook her head. ” Blond Jackon grinned at her, oozing sexiness. “Oh I think we can meet any challenge you come up with.

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