By Zygmunt Bauman

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'Community' is a kind of phrases that feels solid: it truly is reliable 'to have a community', 'to be in a community'. And 'community' feels strong a result of meanings which the observe conveys, them all promising pleasures, and usually the type of pleasures which we want to event yet appear to miss.

'Community' conveys a twin of a hot and cozy position, like a hearth at which we hot our fingers on a frosty day. available in the market, on the street, all kinds of hazards lie in ambush; in right here, in the neighborhood, we will be able to chill out and suppose secure. 'Community' stands for the type of international which we lengthy to inhabit yet which isn't, unfortunately, on hand to us. at the present time 'community' is one other identify for paradise misplaced - yet for a paradise which we nonetheless desire to discover, as we feverishly look for the roads that could lead us there.

But there's a expense to be paid for the privilege of being in a neighborhood. neighborhood provides defense yet turns out to deprive us of freedom, of the precise to be ourselves. protection and freedom are both helpful and coveted values that could be balanced to some extent, yet rarely absolutely reconciled. the stress among defense and freedom, and among neighborhood and individuality, is not going ever to be resolved. we can't break out the predicament yet we will take inventory of the possibilities and the risks, and not less than attempt to keep away from repeating previous errors.

In this crucial new ebook, Zygmunt Bauman takes inventory of those possibilities and risks and, in his designated and extraordinary style, deals a much-needed reappraisal of an idea that has develop into imperative to present debates in regards to the nature and way forward for our societies.

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Choosing the seduction of women as a major pastime was, to be sure, but an accidental attribute of Don Juan's life plan; it could be easily replaced by altogether different kinds of pleasure without detracting a wit from Don Juna's life strategy. To constantly finish, and to begin again from the beginning - that was the essence of Don Giovanni's life formula, and to be consistently applied that formula required, more than anything else, that no attachments should be fixed and no commitments entered, that no 54 Secession of the Successful 54 consent should be given to bear the consequences of one's past pleasures: in other words, it postulated the absence of community.

They are cosmopolitans to be sure, but in ways that are very limited and insular. Let's make clear what the authors of the report (and the authors of numerous other reports by researchers and journalists, all painting a strikingly similar picture) are talking about here. Let us ask what the meaning is of that 'cosmopolitanism 5 , the word that tends to be used ever more often in descriptions of the lifestyle of the 'globalize s ' and in their self-definitions alike? To what sort of experience and to what cultural traits does this newly fashionable word refer?

Consignment also, increasingly, to a prospectless misery, as the triumph of meritocratic ideology leads inexorably to its logical conclusion, that is to the dismantling of welfare provisions, that communal insurance against individual misfortune, or to the recasting of such provisions once seen as a fraternal obligation without discrimination, and a universal entitlement - into a charity on the part of 'those who feel like it5 targeted at 'those who need it'. 'The powerful and successful* cannot easily dispose of the meritocratic worldview without seriously affecting the social foundation of the privilege which they cherish and have no intention of surrendering.

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