By C. E. W. Steel

This learn of Cicero's political oratory and Roman imperialism within the overdue Republic deals new readings of missed speeches. C.E.W. metal examines the position and capacities of political oratory and places Cicero's angle to empire, with its barriers and weaknesses, within the context of wider debates between his contemporaries at the difficulties of empire.

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169), and he even says that he has been worse for Sicily than Hasdrubal and the Carthaginians or Athenio, the leader of the recent slave revolt—the most emotive names which Cicero could come up with for threats to the Roman position in Sicily (2. 3. 125). Imperator as hostis is the ultimate paradox: the job of a 23 anno tertio uero in hoc agro consuetudine usus est regia. solere aiunt reges barbaros Persarum ac Syrorum pluris uxores habere, his autem uxoribus ciuitates attribuere hoc modo: haec ciuitas mulieri in redimiculum praebeat, haec in collum, haec in crinis.

With C. Fordyce, Catullus (Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 1961), 119–20, and D. C. Braund, ‘The Politics of Catullus 10: Memmius, Caesar and the Bithynians’, Hermathena, 160 (1996), 45–57. 16 The ironical presentation of Verres as a military man continues, but Cicero has chosen the name of a notorious Roman defeat for his comparison. The calendar then moves to summer, but the stress moves somewhat away from military considerations, as Cicero describes this season as ‘the time which all praetors in Sicily usually spend travelling’ since the island’s grain production can most clearly be seen during the summer.

Lintott, Imperium Romanum: Politics and Administration (London: Routledge, 1993), 43–69. 22 Romans in the provinces period as governor is thus extremely well documented, and he is an excellent case-study of how an orator could set about demonstrating that someone was a bad governor. And when Cicero attacks his enemies Piso and Gabinius in the speeches he delivered after his return from exile he exploits what he describes as shortcomings in their periods as provincial governors in order to justify publicly what was in effect a personal quarrel; but the justification can only work if the activities which he ascribes to the pair were generally felt to be unacceptable.

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