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33, p. ) Opperfs Der Presbyter Johannet in Sage und Geschichte} pp. 13, 14. 22 PRESTER JOHN. marvellous story brought over by the Bishop of Gabala, of a mighty Christian Priest and Monarch in the East, had almost faded from the memory, when several of the princes of Europe were taken by surprise to receive copies of an oecumenical letter addressed to them in 1165 by the redoubtable Prester John him­ self. A copy of that addressed to Emanuel, the emperor of Con­ stantinople, has been preserved to us, and as it was the occasion of a great sensation at the time it may not be amiss to read some extracts from it.

Wherefore our ness lias not seen it repugnant to call himself by tlie same namo and to distinguish himself bv the order of 'vhicl】our court is full. And if we have chosen to be called by a lower name and inferior rank, it springs from humility. If indeed you can number the stars of lieaven and sands of the sea, then you may caleulatp the extent of our dominion and power. Sucli is the notable epistle tliat has been handed clown to us as professedly emanating from this famous individual, whose ex­ istence is all but ix myth, wliose history is a riddle, and yet who lias enjoyed a reputation througliout Europe for some five or six centuries, almost equal to that of some of tlie greatest heroes of liistory during the same period.

And so both sides got them ready to battle. And why should I make a long story of it ? Chinghis Khan with all his host arrived at a vast and beautiful plain which was called Tanduc, belonging to Prester John, and there he pitched his camp ; and so great was the multitude of his people that it was impossible to number them. And when he got tidings that Prester John was coming, he rejoiced greatly, for the place afforded a fine and ample battle­ ground, so he was right glad to tarry for him there, and greatly longed for his arrival.

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