By Ian F. Darwin

The lint application checker has confirmed again and again to be the most effective instruments for locating portability difficulties and sure different types of coding blunders in C courses. This ebook introduces you to lint, courses you thru working it in your courses, and allows you to interpretlint's output.lint verifies a application or software segments opposed to ordinary libraries, tests the code for universal portability mistakes, and exams the programming opposed to a few attempted and precise directions. linting your code is an important (though no longer adequate) step in writing fresh, moveable, potent programs.Contents include:

  • Overview of utilizing lint
  • Dealing with lint' issues: casting and delinting
  • lint comments
  • Using lint intimately: command line strategies, utilizing lint with make, rolling your personal lint library
  • Public area programs
  • Under the hood: an inside of look
  • Future directions

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Example text

Lintall will also re­check for inconsistencies between modules, so it's wise to use this make entry periodically.  According to the man page for error, it knows about the error message formats produced by make, cc, cpp, ccom, as, ld, lint, the Berkeley Pascal interpreter pi and compiler pc, and f77.  error is smart enough to toss away extraneous lines, such as the lint command that is echoed by make. c" has 3 errors. 3 of these errors can be inserted into the file.  Do they help or hinder use of postprocessors such as error?

I review the main pieces of the program and show by an example shell script how these pieces can be fitted together.  If you find that lint is an "executable," that is, the binary output of a compilation and loading process, read on right away.  C lib, Port lib, or none.  These correspond to the two passes of the portable C compiler—one to analyze the program, and another to generate the machine­specific instructions that implement the program in your computer.  While catching most of the common portability errors, it misses several: • It does not check printf calls to ensure that the format option matches the types of the variables (use printfck).

Simplify the code so the incremented variable isn't also used on its own in the same statement.  Try to use your understanding of C, and of the messages presented here, to form a model of how lint views the world of C programming.  ­D and ­U respectively predefine and undefine preprocessor symbols. Let's look at the remaining command line options in alphabetical order because there are so many of them.  For an example see the section "Using lint with make" below.  The V7 manual states: This is not the default because, unfortunately, most lex and many yacc outputs produce dozens of such comments.

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