By Bernard Mees

The 1st entire examine of early Celtic cursing, this paintings analyses either medieval and historical expressions of Celtic imprecation: from the binding pills of historical Britain and Gaul to the saintly maledictions of the early medieval interval, and different strains of Celtic stipulation and binding in basic terms speculated on in past scholarship. It offers the 1st complete review and analyses of the traditional Celtic use of binding curses (as attested in previous Celtic and Latin inscriptions) and examines their mooted impact in later medieval expressions. historical reveals (among them lengthy Gaulish curse texts, Celtic Latin Curse pills discovered from the Alpine areas to Britain, and fragments of previous Brittonic drugs excavated from Roman bathtub) are subjected to rigorous new interpretations, and medieval reflections of the sooner culture also are thought of.

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Pryderi)’. org/terms 3 Dark Waters Aquatic instances of defixiones are not restricted to ancient discoveries from the Continent – depositions of curse tablets in watery conduits to the nether regions are also a well-known type of find from Roman Britain. Indeed, Roman Britain has proved an extraordinary source for the discovery of curse tablets since the 1970s, accounting for approximately half of all preserved Latin-language defixiones – and of these a significant proportion are spring or river finds.

The mention of giving half (rather than all) of the stolen ring being dedicated to Nodens in this text is reminiscent of an episode in the Old Testament Book of Judges concerning a man named Micah and his mother. Micah’s mother had uttered a curse over the loss of some silver, but Micah admits to his mother that he was the one who had taken it. In thanks to God, Micah’s mother consequently took a portion of the returned silver and gave it to a silversmith, who melted it down and made it into ‘a graven image and a molten image’ which Micah put in his house.

94]. org/terms DARK WATERS 33 were required to write the texts onto the specially created lamellas themselves. Rhetorically similar instances of cursing are attested widely enough from other parts of the Roman world, and indeed more commonly from sites other than baths – even public places such as amphitheatres have produced lead tablets bearing judicial prayers. Yet when found in similar numbers it is usually quite evident that the curses have been executed by expert writers (and moreover, often only by a single author), not a plethora of comparatively amateur scribes as is so evidently the case at Bath.

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