By Bacchylides; H. Maehler (ed.)

This new Teubner variation relies on an intensive revision of the entire unique papyrus manuscripts released to this point and at the result of the editor's statement, the second one and concluding a part of which was once released in Leiden in 1997. The fragments preserved as quotations by way of later prose authors have additionally been revised, as have the 2 papyri which protect components of old commentaries at the poet's Victoty Odes and Dithyrambs. The preface has additionally been revised and partially rewritten. This new version comprises the main updated account of what we now learn about the texts of this nice, yet unfortunately underrated, modern of Pindar and Aeschylus.

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171 d 2 - D * e II 3 D - D - II 5 D - e * e II 7 - E E III ΕΠ D-D-ll A' ι 139? , v. p. XL sq. 1 1 sq. Comment, ad Callim. Αίτια (fr. 2a Pf. vol. 2 p. 103) π α ρ θένο]ς· θυγάτηρ ώς [και] Βακχυλίδης [φησί-] κλυτοφ. - π α ρ θ έ νοι II 8 Herennius Philo ap. Eust. Od. 1954, 5 et Ammon. de voc. diff. 333 Nickau Δίδυμος . . έν ύπομνπματι Βακχυλίδου è m νίκων· φησχ . ,'είσί τοίνυν ο'ί φασι διαφέρειν τάς Νηρεΐδας τών τοϋ Νηρέως θυγατέρων, και τάς μεν έκ Λωρίδος γνησίας αύτοΰ θυγατέρας νομίζεσθαι, τάς δε έξ άλλων ηδη κοινότερον Νηρείδας καλέίσθαι.

Cf. Stat. Ach. ) 1 ) ad eandem paginam autem papyri C fragmenti 3 col. 2 et fragmentum 2 pertinere posse negat Lobel. 28. Extant in papyri R fr. 1 decern versus et initio et ad finem mutili, quorum numeri cum metris ceterorum versuum huius papyri non congruunt. videntur igitur ultimi esse carminis, quod concluditur Dianae et forsitan Latonae et Deli insulae mentione. 29. Sequitur in papyri R fr. 1. 11-14 novum carmen quod ab invocatione Musarum inchoat. ceteris huius papyri fragmentis miserrime laceratis (vid.

Accedit quod Bacchylides alio Carmine (si re vera fr. 64 Bacchylidis est, vid. p. LVII) aliam formam huius fabulae secutus est. 17. Carmen Ήΐϋεοι ή Θησεύς inscriptum a grammaticis inter dithyrambos positum est, quod dithyrambi temporibus posterioribus vocabantur omnia carmina a choro cantata, quae fabulas heroum referebant (cf. g. Plat. Rep. 3, 394C et notam Aristarchi ad c. 23, 1); paeanibus autem cognatum est, ut apparet e v. : ήΐϋεοι... παιάνιζαν έραται όπί Αάλιε, χοροΐσι Κηΐων ... δπαζε ...

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