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Operand2 : operand3 First operand1 is evaluated, which is treated as a logical condition. If the result is nonzero then operand2 is evaluated and its value is the final result. Otherwise, operand3 is evaluated and its value is the final result. For example: int m = 1, n = 2; int min = (m < n ? m : n); // min receives 1 Note that of the second and the third operands of the conditional operator only one is evaluated. , their evaluation causes a change to the value of a variable). For example, in int min = (m < n ?

Each time round the loop, expression2 is evaluated. If the outcome is nonzero then statement is executed and expression3 is evaluated. Otherwise, the loop is terminated. The general for loop is equivalent to the following while loop: expression1 ; while (expression2 ) { statement; expression3 ; } The most common use of for loops is for situations where a variable is incremented or decremented with every iteration of the loop. The following for loop, for example, calculates the sum of all integers from 1 to n.

Variables may also be defined at the global scope: int year = 1994; int Max (int, int); int main (void) { //... } // global variable // global function // global function Uninitialized global variables are automatically initialized to zero. Since global entities are visible at the program level, they must also be unique at the program level. This means that the same global variable or function may not be defined more than once at the global level. ) Global entities are generally accessible everywhere in the program.

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