By Douglas C. Schmidt, Stephen D. Huston

C++ community Programming, quantity 2, specializes in ACE frameworks, offering thorough insurance of the innovations, styles, and utilization ideas that shape their constitution. This booklet is a realistic advisor to designing object-oriented frameworks and indicates builders the way to practice frameworks to concurrent networked purposes. C++ Networking, quantity 1, brought ACE and the wrapper facades, that are simple community computing constituents. quantity 2 explains how frameworks construct on wrapper facades to supply higher-level conversation services.
Written via specialists within the ACE neighborhood, this ebook contains:
An review of ACE frameworks
Design dimensions for networked services
Descriptions of the main functions of crucial ACE frameworks
Numerous C++ code examples that exhibit tips on how to use ACE frameworks
C++ community Programming, quantity 2, teaches the way to use frameworks to jot down networked purposes fast, decreasing improvement attempt and overhead. it will likely be a useful asset to any C++ developer engaged on networked purposes.

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The amount of state, or context, that a service maintains between requests impacts the complexity and resource consumption of clients and servers. Stateful and stateless services trade off efficiency for reliability, with the right choice depending on a variety of factors, such as the probability and impact of host and network failures. 31 32 Stateful services cache certain information, such as session state, authentication keys, identification numbers, and I/O handles, in a server to reduce communication and computation overhead.

When a handle_*() method finishes its processing, it must return a value that's interpreted by the reactor as follows: • Return value 0 indicates that the reactor should continue to detect and dispatch the registered event for this event handler (and handle if it's an I/O event). This behavior is common for event handlers that process multiple instances of an event, for example, reading data from a socket as it becomes available. Sidebar 9: Idioms for Designing ACE Event Handlers The following are some idioms for designing event handlers for use with the ACE Reactor framework: ♦ To prevent starvation, keep the execution time of an event handler's handle_*() hook methods short, ideally shorter than the average interval between event 48 49 occurrences.

Conf configuration file and sending the SIGHUP signal to the INETD process. conf and dynamically rebinds the services it offers to their new executables. 2 Static versus Dynamic Linking Applications can also be categorized according to whether their services are linked into a process address space statically or dynamically. The primary tradeoffs in this dimension involve extensibility, security, reliability, and efficiency. 6 (1). 6. 6 (2). The OS run-time linker updates external symbol addresses for each process that the object file is loaded into to reflect the memory region the file is loaded into.

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