By James W. Cooper

It is a functional e-book that explains the right way to write C# courses utilizing essentially the most universal layout styles. With the discharge of C# and visible Studio .NET, there's a new curiosity within the Microsoft improvement group in the various OO worlds key instruments, resembling UML and layout styles, which that they had ignored ahead of. The ebook covers each trend pointed out in Gamma et als layout styles which are in C#. for every development, it starts off with a quick verbal description, after which builds uncomplicated instance courses.

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You separate these statements with commas. for (x=0, y= 0, i =0; i < 100; i++, y +=2) { x = i + y; } 4 4 26 CHAPTER 2 Syntax of the C# Language It has no effect on the loop’s efficiency, and it is far clearer to write. 6 7 x = y = for { x y } 0; 0; ( i = 0; i < 100; i++) = i + y; += 2; It is possible to write entire programs inside an overstuffed for statement, using these comma operators, but this is only a way of obfuscating the intent of your program. How C# Differs from C 6 7 If you have been exposed to C or if you are an experienced C programmer, you might be interested in the main differences between C# and C.

The Windows Designer for a simple form with one text field and one button is shown in Figure 3-2. NET The Simplest Window Program in C# 33 You can draw the controls on the form by selecting the TextBox from the Toolbox, dragging it onto the form, and then doing the same with the button. Then, to create program code, we need only double-click on the controls. In this simple form, we want to click on the “Hello” button, which copies the text from the text field to the textbox we called txHi and clears the text field.

ResumeLayout(false); } If you change this code manually instead of using the property page, the system after we discuss objects and classes in the next chapter. Windows Controls 35 Windows Controls All of the basic Windows controls work in much the same way as the TextBox and Button we have used so far. Many of the more common ones are shown in the Windows Controls program in Figure 3-4. Figure 3-4 A selection of basic Windows controls Each of these controls has properties such as Name, Text, Font, Forecolor, and Borderstyle that you can change most conveniently using the properties window shown at the right of Figure 3-2.

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