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Up from the Blue: A Novel

Tillie Harris's existence is in disarray—her husband is away on enterprise, the containers in her new domestic are usually not unpacked, and the phone is not even hooked up but. although she's now not due for an additional month, unexpected hard work pains strength Tillie to arrive out to her estranged father for support, a call that implies dealing with the painful stories she's been operating from considering she used to be a bit lady.

The Year the Swallows Came Early

Eleanor "Groovy" Robinson loves cooking and plans to visit culinary university simply once she's the right age. yet even Groovy's thoughtfully—planned menus will not repair the issues that begin to get it wrong the yr she turns eleven—suddenly, her father is in reformatory, her top friend's long-absent mom reappears, and the swallows that make their annual migration to her place of birth arrive strangely early.

A Thousand Voices

Followed at 13, Dell Jordan was once enjoyed, mentored, and inspired to pursue her ardour for song. Now, at twenty, after a 12 months overseas with a touring symphony, a scholarship to Julliard is nearby. yet beneath Dell's easily polished floor lurk mysteries from the earlier. Why did her mom abandon her?

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Thankfully, the rush of shoppers had calmed somewhat by the afternoon: The hardcore knitters knew that the best buys were al­ ways when the shop opened and had likely returned to their homes to gloat over the latest additions to their stash. Lucie had avoided the frenzy because she knew she’d be right in the thick of it, fight­ ing over the cashmere bargains. “Hey, I didn’t think I’d see you guys,” said Dakota, as Ginger squeezed her around the middle. “Well, we have played video games, and drawn pictures, and chased Grandma around the house for tag, and then Cady and Stanton had to go down for a nap.

All you have to do is come work for my label in Paris. ” “Oh my God,” said Peri, recognizing the woman’s name im­ mediately. She was the chief designer for a cutting-edge French fashion house. ” Lydia Jackson let go of the card. “But I want to,” she said, lightly tapping the Peri Pocketbook she’d just purchased. “And that’s the key detail. I can make you a household name in the world of fash­ ion. ” “You saw that? It was a huge boost,” admitted Peri, her fingers tingling as they clung to the business card.

Both he and Lillian were retired after full careers teaching high schoolers but still used their skills to tutor students during the year. Work, they told their children, kept their minds in shape. ” “Let’s just move to more comfortable chairs and fall asleep,” begged Catherine. “I put most of the comfy chairs into the storage room in the basement,” explained James. “What you see is what you get. We can fight over the sofa, sit on pillows, watch football standing up, huddle up on the floor . ” “Or go for a walk,” interjected Lillian.

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