By K.D. Wentworth

Frankly, he most popular people. Rescued from a slave industry by way of a human dealer and raised as his son, one query has haunted Heyoka Blackeagle over the years: who - and what - is he? He feels human, certainly he seems like a a bit of alienated member of his father's tribe. So what if he's seven ft tall, bushy, and built with retractable claws? Human is as human does...Right?

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The beast squalled and bolted sideways, halted only by the judicious application of Nisk’s claws. He gripped its huge barrel with his knees and stared into the distant green-capped mountains. The Black/on/black was said to possess the strength of the molten core of the earth itself, stronger than all others of his kind, male or female, regardless of size. This apparent weakness of body was only another part of the illusion. The Black/on/black picked himself up out of the sand, then stepped up on a flat rock.

Were even the idiot servants gloating behind her back? She flattened her ears. ” It pressed its face to the earthen floor and fled. Covering her fingers with salve, she coated the claw marks with soothing aromatic medicine. Beneath her touch, the creature lay quieter, only muttering in its strange tongue from time to time. An ear twitched as she considered summoning the Restorer again, which would cause an angry scene with the Line Mother she would have to bluff her way through. Seska would be angry at the accumulating expense, but not as much as if this apparently valuable captive died.

At least the creature had been washed and dressed in clean robes; its awful smell was almost bearable. Standing over it, handclaws fully flexed, she glared at the pale, bizarrely naked skin, willing the creature to open its eyes and speak before it passed beyond anyone’s claws. ” she demanded. “How much does this Black/on/black know about what we did? ” The creature’s eyes opened to slits. Most of them were a sickening white, but the middlemost portion was a startling ice-shrouded blue which seemed to slice into her innermost thoughts.

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