By John D. Woodward Jr., Nicholas M. Orlans, Peter T. Higgins

Because the IT Director of a producing corporation, i must comprehend the results and makes use of of Biometrics. This publication sincerely explains what Biometrics is, in an esay to appreciate layout with out it over simplifying the topic. i might (and have) suggest this ebook to somebody.

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If Cathy uses a public-key smart card, Cathy’s private key serves as the base secret for authentication, and that key resides on the smart card. When Cathy logs in, most of the authentication process is handled automatically by client software, which performs a challenge-response exchange, similar to what was originally used in tokens. There is an important difference: the verifier is Cathy’s public key, not her private key. She never has to divulge her private key to a server to log into it. This reduces the risks to Cathy’s base secret, since it doesn’t have to reside anywhere except on her smart card.

The sheep will soon become highly frustrated with its inability to access the pasture. While there is no way to prevent the replication of passwords, a number of techniques can reduce the risk of replicating authentication devices and biometric traits. If an authentication device already uses base secrets and authenticators that are strong enough to resist trial-and-error attack, the remaining problem is to prevent attackers from extracting a device’s secrets. 4 Countermeasures for biometric replication depend on the type of biometric data being collected.

By itself, however, the authentication system won’t be able to tell whether an authenticator comes from a stolen device or not. Biometric authentication, the subject of this book, relies on any automatically measurable physical characteristic or personal trait that is distinctive to an individual. Common biometric verification techniques try to match measurements from Cathy’s fingerprint, hand, eye, face, or voice to measurements that were previously collected from her. There are two general applications for this: identification and verification.

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