By Annabeth Leong, Alison Wonderland, D. N. Esacarys, Nicole Swann, Scarlett Rush

A set of 5 excellent sapphic stories

Perfect Stranger through Annabeth Leong

Gretchen arranges a no-strings-attached strong time with a stranger-but realizes too overdue that she overlooked to specify gender. the lady she's been organize with, even though, has a fetish for first-timers and is all too chuffed to teach her the ropes.

Flick Chicks via Alison Wonderland

Flick Chicks tells the story of 2 movie fanatics (and motion picture buffs). the movies the chicks create are encouraged via the stag movies of the fifties recognized for that includes the 3 B's: bondage, backsides, and Bettie Page... in addition to the occasional piece of equestrian equipment.

Aphrodite's Exile via D.N. Esacarys

A attractive Greek goddess factors terror as she starts off the Trojan conflict. Her punishment; exile to an island inhabited purely by way of women.

Curiosity Cured the Cat via Nicole Swann

Two lesbian enthusiasts support their bi-curious housewife neighbor to get in contact along with her sexuality through placing on a truly own and up-close intercourse show.

Heather Honey by means of Scarlett Rush

Lost within the rainswept heather of the Highlands, she unearths safe haven in a cottage owned via the individual she may least look forward to finding there: a beautiful red-headed cougar, all dressed up able to seduce. it sort of feels she has walked immediately into the type of scene one purely unearths in erotic stories. definitely her fable is set to come back actual? although, while Ailsa and Lexi additionally take place, issues take an unforeseen turn...

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This is my house. ” I bit my lip and looked at her, confused. ” “There’s no Ben who lives here. ” She took a step closer to me, as if she was afraid I’d move farther into the house. , but in its place was a playpen with yellow mesh sides and a jumble of brightly colored toys. “Kelly McGraw,” I said, yet even that came out a little unsure. The woman gave me the sweet smile again. “Oh, you’re Kelly McGraw! I’m Beth Maninsky. ” She held out her hand. ” “Sure. We bought this house from you, but you gave your lawyer power of attorney, so we never officially got to meet you when we closed on the house.

Laney hit the button for the twelfth floor. “You know—Dee, your mom, Bartley Brothers. We talked about Ben a lot, of course. You kept saying that now that he’d broken up with you, you were never going to have your first kid before you were thirty-five. ” “I did love that place. ” “That’s what I’ve been asking you. You made a chunk of cash on it, but you weren’t really hurting for money. ” I scoffed. ” Laney stared at me for a second. “Exactly. ” I shook my head. ” I said. “What’s been going on with you?

This is my house,” I said, but I heard my voice waver. I spun around to check something, and sure enough, there it was, next to the coat tree. The dent in the drywall where Ben’s skis had fallen against it last year. This was my place, so what was the Toni look-alike doing here? And what was with that coat tree? “No,” she said. “This is my house. ” I bit my lip and looked at her, confused. ” “There’s no Ben who lives here. ” She took a step closer to me, as if she was afraid I’d move farther into the house.

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