By Kajsa Ekis Ekman

Grounded within the truth of the violence and abuse inherent in prostitution—and profoundly stricken by the dying of a chum to prostitution in Spain—activist and author Kajsa Ekis Ekman exposes the various lies within the "sex work" state of affairs during this polemic within which she additionally criticizes the booming surrogacy undefined. the writer areas the idea that it's attainable to split the "self" from the physique, hence making it attainable to promote the physique for intercourse with out compromising an individual's primary human dignity —a key argument of the pro-sex employee narrative— below the microscope. Taking the idea at face worth, she extends it to the perform of surrogacy, declaring that if a lady is neither hooked up to her physique nor to the kid that grows inside her, surrogacy itself might be seen as a sort or prostitution the place the product bought is a toddler, instead of intercourse. if that is so, Ekis Ekman argues, is surrogacy now not a sort of kid trafficking? Written with a razor-sharp mind and disarming wit, this illuminating exposé seeks to spotlight the risks of commodifying the human physique and offers either prostitution and surrogacy as emotionally fraught organisations rife with energy imbalances and the opportunity of abuse.

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We are supposed to see Östergren as a neutral medium who doesn’t analyze what she presents, who doesn’t have her own opinions but only presents someone else’s—which, aside from being false, is a strange stance for an intellectual to take. The point here is not whether the chain of events is accurate: how Kempadoo and Östergren first heard about the ‘fighting sex workers’, became curious and/or irate, and then appointed themselves to be their mouthpieces. The point is not to suspect whether or not any prostitute ever really asked eagerly if Östergren’s book was coming out soon, or to deny that there are prostitutes who are pro-prostitution.

He wanted equality. I gave it to him. Now he’s just a statistic like the rest of us. 39 Being and Being Bought A ‘wigger’ comes along and wants to be one of the gang, but of course, he doesn’t understand the actual living conditions. As a result, he is despised by those he imitates, even if they don’t openly show it as they do in this joke. The oppressed is keenly aware of the humanity of the privileged. For the privileged, on the other hand, the oppressed is an enigma living in a magical, half-human world.

By rubbing shoulders with the people of the street, he thinks he is dissociating himself from the bourgeois life and becoming a man who is ‘in’ with the ‘whores’. Unexpectedly often, the reader notes, they give themselves to him for free—only he 36 The Story of the Sex Worker enjoys this benefit, of course. But in spite of his diatribes against snobs and puritans, in spite of his bellowing in the salons, and in spite of his fashionable flirting with prostitutes, he forgets that they are human beings.

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