By Elizabeth Winthrop

Endure is fortunately shocked to profit that Roly-Poly, his child sister, loves to have him supply her cognizance or even sing her to sleep.

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It’s a natural curiosity. This is a situation that, when it becomes known, will arouse excitement and sympathy in equal amounts. The possibility of tragedy always does. Accidents. Deaths. Crimes. All those uncomplicated sorrows. But what if the sorrow is not uncomplicated? What if there are other hidden factors? Guilt, for instance? And the pressure came back, along with the roaring in his ears. He turned on a lamp and sat down in his front hall, holding jS - TAPESTRY his head in his hands. This time, though, he felt no urge to seek out Hennie.

Indignant shouts broke out. ”This is America! Where do you think you are? ” A second marshal stepped to the edge of the platform. ” Firm and correct, he might have been speaking before some conservative forum. Obviously, he had been instructed to permit no violence. The arrested were just quietly to be whisked away. ”We are in possession of warrants to search the premises and the persons present. It will be to your benefit to comply willingly. ” Paul looked about. Leah and Meg were in the seats closest to the aisle, next to an exit.

My son-my sons-and I go down to Conservatory Pond in the park, bringing the sailboats, the beautiful toy boats with mahogany hulls. A wind ruffles the water, the boats move outward with bellied sails and the strings go taught in our hands. I watch the boy-boys-laugh. Their baby teeth are like”white seeds, like pebbles. We walk home, holding hands to cross the street. When they’re older, we’ll sail real boats out of Nantucket or the Cape. My son. Sons. He came to himself. The doctor was doodling circles on a sheet of yellow paper.

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