By John Makransky, Philip Osgood, Lama Surya Das

Mom Theresa. The Dalai Lama. Nelson Mandela. Gandhi. a few recognize such figures from afar and imagine, "How certain they're; i may by no means be like that." yet, as John Makransky has discovered, the ability of actual and enduring love lies inside of each folks. Awakening via Love is his advisor to discovering it.

In Awakening via Love, he pioneers new methods of constructing Tibetan meditations of compassion and knowledge obtainable to humans of all backgrounds and faiths. Drawing from Tibetan teachings of compassion and the Dzogchen teachings of innate knowledge, and utilizing undeniable, functional guideline, he is helping readers discover the harmony of knowledge and love within the very nature in their minds. Then Lama John describes the right way to actualize these traits in each point of kin lifestyles, paintings, carrier and social motion.

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Awakening Through Love: Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness

Mom Theresa. The Dalai Lama. Nelson Mandela. Gandhi. a few recognize such figures from afar and imagine, "How targeted they're; i'll by no means be like that. " yet, as John Makransky has discovered, the facility of actual and enduring love lies inside of each one folks. Awakening via Love is his consultant to discovering it.

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Tibeta n Buddhists ge nerally begin their meditation s by recallin g spiritual benet:1Ctors who embody for th em th e enlightcn ed qu alities of the infinite, non col1ceptual nature of mind. 1cto rs becomes so strong tlut th ey lea rn to trust th e mysteriou s, in finite gro und of those qua li ti es: the vast expans e of openn ess and cognizan ce beyo nd self-clinging. 1ctors- th eir lamas and buddhas and bodhisattvas-as a radiant fi eld o f refu ge before them . 1ctors' enduring love, compassio n, liberating w isdom , and spiritual powe r into their whole being.

Nothing within our fundamental awareness is substantial or graspable in any way. Awareness per se has no colo r, no shape, no center or bOll ndary, and nothing co ncrete to be found in it. Makransky, John (Author). Awakening Through Love : Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness. Boston, MA, USA: Wisdom Publications, 2007. p 34. id=10407924&ppg=47 Fundamental awareness is thus "a profound lumin osity" that is nO[ o nly cogni za nt but a " limirless emptin ess," mea nin g th at it is to taBy insubstantial and unobstructed by anything.

In this way we un co nsciously disrespect and endanger others (a nd ultimately oursel ves) in the name of the good. For authentic spiritual progress, something has to interfere with all such pan erns of self-ce ntered dece ptio n, undercut thcm so dec isively th at o ur innate capa city for self- tra nsce ndin g, all - inclusive love call ac tu all y manifest-an actual power of goodn ess, not j ust a belig in goodn ess. Th at requires effec tive meth ods of practicc that are no t just forms of individual and social identifi cati o n with selfprotec tive beliefS.

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