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Its conductors are moulded into the trapezoid notches with the short side on the outside of the rotor. It works in a similar way to the double-cage rotor: the strength of the rotor current varies inversely with its frequency. Thus: - on first starting, the torque is high and the inrush low, - in the steady state, the speed is pretty much the same as with a single-cage rotor. v Wound rotor (slip ring rotor) This has windings in the notches round the edge of the rotor identical to those of the stator (C Fig.

26 50 Comparison of electric motors 3. 7 Types of loads Types of loads We can classify the loads in two families: - the active loads which put moving a mobile or a fluid or which change its state like the gas state in the liquid state, - the passive loads which do not get a driving force like lighting or the heating. b Active loads This term covers all systems designed to set a mobile object or a fluid in motion. The movement of a mobile object involves changing its speed or position, which implies applying a torque to overcome its resistance to movement so as to accelerate the inertia of the load.

A Fig. 23 Torque speed characteristics of a slip ring motor Example of slip ring operation. 8 Cn, different speeds can be obtained as represented by the sign • in the diagram (C Fig. 23). For the same torque, the speed decreases as the rotor resistance increases. b Other speed control systems v Variable voltage regulator This device is only used in low-powered asynchronous motors. It requires a resistant squirrel cage motor. The speed is controlled by increasing the motor slip once the voltage drops.

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