By Raymond A. Bowman

We have now Raymond Bowman's lengthy awaited version of the Aramaic texts from Persepolis, unearthed through the day trip by means of the college of Chicago less than Erich F. Schmidt among 1936 and 1938. Bowman has assembled vital info at the chronology of Persepolis through the first half the 5th century B.C. from the non-public names and professional titles indexed within the Aramaic texts. He exhibits acumen in attacking definite textual difficulties, and his statement and advent give you the pupil with details worthy for a formal figuring out of this corpus of a few 200 short, formulaic inscriptions written on quite a few stone implements-mortars and pestles, plates and trays-found within the treasury at Persepolis. [From an editorial via Baruch A. Levine within the magazine of the yank Oriental Society ninety two (1972) 70-79].

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12 Ptolemy Geography vi, ix. 5. 1aC. Barbier de Meynard, Dictionnaireggographique, historique, et littgrairede la Perse et des contries adjacentes (Paris, 1861), pp. 307-8, 311, 635. "4 F. Wtistenfeld, Jacut's Geographisches Worterbuch III (Leipzig, 1868) 71-72, 82; Shahname 566. 15 Herodotus iii. 94, vii. 68; Frye, Heritage, pp. 49-50. 16 Herodotus vii. 86. ' Behistun Inscription, Sec. 40. J. ], 1949) 1482. 18s p. 19 K. Muller, Fragmenta Historicum Graecorum (Paris, 1848) II, Frag. 180. 20 Three texts (Nos.

He explains the form *hfsta as a "proper" past participle of hvah, "to beat," although only hvasta- is attested. The form hvasta must be secondary, with the vocalism of the present, as the Indo-European system of forming past participles requires. " We have Avestan xvax, past participle x'axta-, whereas in Old Indian we have svax-, past participle, suxta-. The expected Iranian past wr- (see I. Gershevitch, A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian [Oxford, participle *hufta- may, however, be seen in Sogdian o 1954], § 397, p.

This seems supported by the following circumstance. The celebrant Haoma-data presented a set of objects in the nineteenth year of Xerxes. A full corps of three officers is mentioned on the mortar (No. 14), where adequate space was available for the text, but only two are found on the pestle (No. 15), where space is at a premium. THE Segan The title s&gan is a loanword in Aramaic from the Akkadian title Saknu. Although it is vocalized as sagdn or segen in Hebrew 7 and segan in Aramaic, 8 what is probably the earlier 1 Nos.

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