By Juan Camilo Conde-Silvestre, Javier Calle Martín

This quantity features a collection of papers provided on the eighth overseas convention of center English, held in Spain on the college of Murcia in 2013. The contributions include quite a few examine issues and techniques, with a specific curiosity in multilingualism, multidialectalism and language touch in medieval England, including different extra linguistically-oriented techniques at the phonology, syntax, morphology, semantics and pragmatics of center English. the amount provides a really expert stance on numerous elements of the center English language and divulges how the interdisciplinary confluence of alternative methods can make clear manifold evidences of edition, touch and alter within the interval.

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Furnivall, the editor of Sir Roger’s will, tentatively suggested this might be Duffield in Derbyshire, but there is another Duffield, in North Yorkshire, which is closer to York. Despite having lived, worked, 1 I am particularly grateful to Richard Ingham, Alison Spedding and José Miguel Alco‑ lado Carnicero for their comments on earlier drafts. Information on medieval wills throughout is taken from Spedding (2010, 2014), unless specified otherwise. 36 Laura Wright or having had business in London (Sir Roger left money to pay his London tailor’s bills), there are clearly northern connections in his will, on both internal and linguistic grounds.

41v, 1376. ‘In the name of God Amen the day of St Stephen Protomartyr, the year of our Lord 1376. I Alan Ake make my testament in this manner […] I bequeathe to Master William in the Lane one silver cup’ Ingham (2011a: 101–111) has shown that in this kind of locative surname, switch‑ ing of languages between preposition and article rarely occurred, and that if the noun and the preposition were in English, then the article was too. The medieval mixed‑language business system, which evolved in the text‑type of accounts and inventories, is typically found in the bequest b.

343–351. ). 1975- Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Gardner‑Chloros, Penelope. 1995. “Code‑switching in Community, Regional and National Repertoires: The Myth of the Discreteness of Linguistic Systems”. ). One Speaker, Two Languages: Crossâ•‚ disciplinary Perspectives in Codeâ•‚switching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 68–90. Gardner‑Chloros, Penelope. 2009. Codeâ•‚switching. Cambridge: Cambridge Uni‑ versity Press. Gardner‑Chloros, Penelope.

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