By Matteo Pasquinelli

In the course of a time whilst pop stars turn into recognized due to intercourse tapes which have been leaked on-line, it truly is transparent that the web isn't really proof against the draw of the media. but artwork, academia and activism proceed to advertise the web as an untouched utopia. Animal Spirits: A Bestiary of the Commons addresses the double ordinary dominating modern media discourse and shatters the myths of artistic commons, loose software program and open-source routine, suggesting that "free tradition" is an financial parasite siphoning funds via peer-to-peer networks. Theorist and electronic fetishist Matteo Pasquinelli makes use of the metaphor of the animal body--which Paul Virilio has characterised as instinctual and reactionary--to counter what he sees as a capitalist exploitation of collective imagery, calling for a thorough new knowing of the forces at paintings in the back of the electronic economic climate and cultural creation.

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Of course, there is no reason to think that all matter is confined to the physicochemical strata: there exists a submolecular, unformed Matter. Similarly, not all Life is confined to the organic strata: rather, the organism is that which life sets against itself in order to limit itself, and there is a life all the more intense, all the more powerful for being anorganic. 6 Strata. Strata are the different matters that constitute the commons. From the most material to the most immaterial, the habitat of human civilization can be described in a schematic geology composed by energetic, biological, technological, linguistic, mythological strata.

If Bataille’s dark materialism goes further than Virno’s ambivalent instincts, Agamben nevertheless identifies the missing subject of the animal at the root of Bataille’s philosophy of excess. The bicephalous animal was beheaded by Bataille himself. In The Open, Agamben tries to recombine the separated destinies of man and animal. He writes a history of the ‘anthropological machine’ of humanism as a history of the ‘mystery of separation’ [mysterium disiunctionis] between man and animal. 24 In the end our separation from the divine or the logos is always invisibly determined on the contrary by our relation to the inner animal.

The instinctual nature of the human animal described by Virno manifests itself in different forms. Its ambivalence initially emerges from the contradictory nature of desire, as a fetish for power, war and domination, and at the same time in the violent and pornographic features of the spectacular society. It appears as the bicephalous eagle of the Empire holding at the same time institutional and subversive forces, power and enjoyment, Leviathan and multitude. When natural instincts invade the sphere of collective language and culture, they become a sort of immaterial civil conflict within the multitude itself and may be illustrated by the figure of a conflictive hydra, whose heads scream and devour each other.

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