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34 this relationship was In the apocalyptic conception, as described by MorrayJones, an exceptionally righteous man who beholds the vision of the divine Jcabod on the Merkabah, is transformed into an angelic being and enthroned as celestial vice-regent, thereby becoming identified with the Name-bearing angel who either is or is closely associated with the Jcabod itself and functions as a second, intermediary power in heaven. 11). contribution to the study of the rabbinic Morray-Jones' period itself consists in demonstrating the extent to which such traditions persisted alongside condemnations.

The The text bears remarkable similarities in content and in style to the much later Hekahlot literature, and it is certainly an offshoot of intertestamental, apocalyptic speculation. 37 Fraqments of this text have been unearthed at Masada as well as at Qumran, yet the distinctive idiom of the text leaves little doubt of an oriqin at Qumran. In view of the many and varied texts amonq the Dead Sea Scrolls that present visions of anqelic Israel, there is no scientific reason for the Songs o~ the Sabbath Sacri~ice to take center staqe in an investiqation of our theme in Qumran's library.

206. •sh~rot,• pp. 200-201. Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission. 55 Bilhah Nitzan in her article on what she calls the "Harmonic Shirot65 and also Mystical focuses Characteristics" on Celestial realm and God. "one finds clear this desire of to the Qumran approach the "Xn Qumran poetry," Nitzan writes, statements concerninq the reliqious experience of communion between human beinqs and the celestial entouraqe. " 68 Nitzan separates the alleqed "mystical approach" of the Qumran Shirot into two aspects, a "celestial approach" and a "coJDDlunionist "celestial approach" • 69 approach" in In Nitzan's Qumran's formulation, mysticism consisted the of elevatinq the prayers of the celestial entourage above those recited by earthly beinqs.

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