By Miriam Lichtheim, Joseph G. Manning

Chronologically prepared translations of old Egyptian writings shed mild upon the improvement of numerous literary types. Bibliogs.

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Ancient Egyptian Literature: Volume III: The Late Period

Chronologically prepared translations of historical Egyptian writings shed mild upon the improvement of various literary varieties. Bibliogs.

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I d id not tak e wha t bel ongs to go ds and go d desses, I always did what was good. Sla ndere rs co ns p ired against th ei r lord , A nd slandered me before th e judge ; Wh e n th ey saw my face they all shra n k back , T hey we re conde mned by the Kin g in hi s time," H is co iled uraeu s" raged against them . I le ft the Kin g's hou se as one justified , By the grace of th e gods. (7) H ail to yo u , gods of the Two T ru ths, Excellen t nobles , lord s of the co u rt , Os ir is-Se pa, most augus t o f O n's So u ls, Apis -Osir is-Khenta me nti , gods of th is h oly p lace!

On the reading of thi s Memph ite place nam e see J. Quaegebeur, 49 (1974), 66 , n. I. T he stela was d iscovered in th e Mernphite necropo lis. I have fo und no evidence fo r th e th esis of E. A. E. Reymond , op. , p. 13, that Taimhotep and her husband had originally been buried in Alexa ndria. 2. Na me for th e necropolis an d specifically th at of Mem phi s. 3. Memphis. 4. , Theos Philopator Phi ladelphos Neo s Dionysos Ptolem y XII (Au letes) . C . 5. It is not clear wh at ritu al is described in thi s passage .

I was ri ch in fri ends , A ll the m en of m y to wn , Not o ne of the m co u ld prote ct m e ! (5) A ll th e to wn 's p eo pl e , m en a n d wo men, Lam ented very g reatly, Because th e y sa w wh at h appe ned to me , For the y es tee med m e much. " Wh en p eople we re re ck oned before th e Lo rd o f Gods, No fa u lt (of mine ) was found ; I received b r ea d in th e h all of th e Two T ruths, Wa te r fro m th e syca more as (o ne of) th e perfect so u ls. " NOT ES I . e. , th e de ceased Thothrekh; he had inh erited the famil y's priestly rank but had died before hold ing o ffice.

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