By David Joselit

No different introductory e-book offers the range and complexity of postwar American paintings from summary Expressionism to the current as essentially and succinctly as this groundbreaking survey. David Joselit lines and analyzes the contradictory formal, ideological, and political stipulations in this interval that made American paintings main through the international. Social and cultural changes rooted in mass media technologies—photography, tv, video, and the Internet—elevated client commodities to the prestige of valid paintings matters, as in pop and set up paintings, and in addition led to a mechanization of the artistic act. Canonical pursuits and figures are mentioned at length—Pollock, Rothko, Krasner, Oldenburg, Johns, Warhol, Paik, Ruscha, Sherman, Schnabel, Koons, Barney, and others—in juxtaposition with lesser recognized modern artists and practices. 183 illustrations, eighty in colour.

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