By Yekutiel Gershoni

Between the tip of the 19th century and the outbreak of worldwide conflict 2, Africans displaced through colonial rule created an African-American fable - a fable which aggrandized the lifestyles and attainments of African american citizens regardless of complete wisdom of the discrimination to which they have been subjected. the parable supplied Africans in all elements of the continent with a lot wanted succour and underpinned a number of spiritual, academic, political and social types in keeping with the adventure of African americans wherein Africans sought to higher their very own lives.

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Africans who heard his name and expected to meet a tall, well-built person with a commanding voice were often disappointed to see an ordinary person of ordinary size: humble, kindly and, some said, even ugly. 144 However, he possessed excellent rhetorical skills and a knack for forming personal relationships. ' 146 Even after his death in 1927, Godwin A. M. Lewanika, a stepbrother of Paramount Chief Yeta Shaping the African-American Myth 35 III of Barotseland in North Rhodesia, now Zambia, named Aggrey, along with Booker T.

It commanded the respect of the authorities and drew large native audiences to public lectures in city after city. Aggrey' s participation in the commission thrust him into prominence and had far-reaching impact as far as the African-American myth was concerned. The very fact that an African was invited to participate in such a body on supposedly equal footing with whites was a colossal event bound to endow him with mythical proportions. It was noted above that in some parts of Africa Aggrey was taken as a white man painted black.

158 Aggrey repeated this parable hundreds of times during his visits to Africa, and his colleagues on the Phelps-Stokes Commission confirm Nkrumah' s account of the audience reaction. ' 159 The parable of the eagle did not contradict the message of cooperation, which is why the whites on the Phelps-Stokes Commission were unperturbed by it. It did, however, provide Africans with a promise of a brighter future, in which they would rise above their present downtrodden condition to heights commensurate with their innate nobility.

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