By Firoze Madatally Manji, Stephen Marks

A lot present statement on China in Africa makes a speciality of the vested pursuits of the West whereas the voices of self reliant African analysts and activists were misplaced. In a special selection of essays, the participants to this ebook current African social, ancient, and cross-continental views on chinese language involvement in Africa. members contain Ali Askouri, Horace Campbell, Michelle Chan-Fishel, Moreblessings Chidaushe, John Blessing Karumbidza, Daniel huge, Anabela Lemos, Firoze Manji, Stephen Marks, Ndubisi Obiorah, Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Daniel Ribeiro, and John Rocha.

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China as an ‘alternative’ political and economic model to Western prescriptions appears to be a pervasive optic among African politicians, intellectuals, civil society and media. While the end of the cold war brought welcome changes including the end of proxy wars fought on Africa’s soil and the liberation of Namibia and South Africa, the unipolar world characterised by the Western dominance that followed has been the source of much discomfort for many African intellectuals and political leaders.

The semi-colonial Western domination of pre-revolutionary China is often cited as being analogous to Western colonialism in Africa in the early to mid-20th century while China’s status as a developing country in the 1950s through the 1990s is also cited as coterminous with Africa’s post-colonial experience. For many among Africa’s ruled who are physically and intellectually exhausted by two decades of economic ‘reform’ supposedly adopted by African governments but driven by Western governments, donors and the The efforts of Africa’s human rights advocates may be well served by projections that India may eventually surpass China’s economic progress, thanks at least in part, to a freer political and intellectual culture.

The institutional, legislative, regulatory and enforcement capacity of the state must be strengthened so that it serves as a deterrent against unscrupulous and opportunistic behaviour. In order to ensure that Chinese or other multinational enterprises investing in Africa conduct their business in manner that enhances social cohesion and economic growth, the conduct of Africa’s leaders, public institutions, businesses and citizens need to be exemplary and beyond reproach. Second, there currently seems to be no clear regional or continental strategy to deal effectively with the myriad of actors.

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