By Serge Blanc

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S A~dwo;);)e O} p;}AeId Sffi5 I. ~ =F ,;F =F JF =F ~ ~ x 3~5Tw'H[i:Hi I =F ;::F 1 j""::§§ j""::§§ jF ,;F I JF I JF ;;F ,;F 1 j""::§§ j~ ;;F JF ;;F cdF I I . ~.. The versions presented are neither rigid nor immutable. They are interpreted differently according to the country or region of origin, the soloist and the event: wedding feast, recording, danceperformance, dance class, etc. In Guinea, the kesereni and sangba can be supplemented with the dununba, and in Mali there can be a seconddunun. It is not necessaryto limit the djembe accompaniments to two per rhythm.

Language", a literal translation of the spoken language. It is also very important to develop your ear W estern musicians musical tradition, have inherited an important a long written memory aid. It The drum's music is therefore always based on spoken phrases, on meaningful series of words. The drummer plays them, varies and ornaments them, or combines them as he chooses and according to precise dance phrases. Songs in onomatopoetic form are reworked on the drum. Precise ways of beating the drum are used, corresponding to distinct sounds.

Songs in onomatopoetic form are reworked on the drum. Precise ways of beating the drum are used, corresponding to distinct sounds. The phonetic method undeniably facilitates singing - by listening to recordings (cf: Selected Re- cordings). - by listening to yourself and the musicians you play with, in order to respect what happens in a group, ie, the harmony. The ear, hands, feet, the voice - the whole body is called upon and stimulated by this comprehensive instrument. ,}J PUL~~J'ON better cohesion among the players.

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