By W.V. Harris, Brooke Holmes, W. V. Harris

Filthy rich, immodest, hypochondriac (or might be simply an invalid), obsessively spiritual, the orator Aelius Aristides (117 to approximately one hundred eighty) isn't the most fascinating determine of his age, yet simply because he's one of many best-known - and he's in detail recognized, because of his "Sacred stories" - his works are an important resource for the cultural and spiritual and political heritage of Greece lower than the Roman Empire. The papers accrued right here, the fruit of a convention held at Columbia in 2007, shape the main severe research of Aristides and his context to were released because the vintage paintings of Charles Behr 40 years in the past.

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Athen. 2) @ 21 [also @ Or. 2 (DitkJ1then. 3) @13 [also @401, Or. 21] 21 01. 26-27 & 49 @10 Py. 54-68 @29 01. l08al (Hyporchemata) @2 [also @Or. 1] 30P@*51 106P & 148P @*54 28 37 01. 94-96 @55 fro 52£. 1-6 (Delph. 1-3 & 4-6 @*57 fro 237 @*56 Also known from ~ Aes. Pers. 352 and Soph. T. 56, P. Berolin. 9569 (first century Also known from ~ Aes. Pers. 352 and Soph. T. Berolin. ). 39 C£ ~ cod. Paris. 2995, Hermes 48 (1913) 319. = 89W2 @* 60 42 21 55,65 or 147) FGE@63 4338 FGE@*6345 FGE@ 64, also @ Or.

LEVOL XQELTIOV EAJtL/)o~ EWQIDV'tO. 61 For example Panathenaic Oration 56 (cf. Thuc. 6). Compare Roman Oration 60-61 ('All come together as into a common civic center, in order to receive each man his due'). 44 ESTElLE OUDOT Oration:" But on the other hand, for the rhetor, Athens is also the model of the Greek subject city within the Empire, because it is able to cure its domestic troubles and therefore Roman forces do not have to be brought in. This means that Aristides here, leaving Thucydides aside, meets Plutarch, particularly his Precepts qf Statecraft.

Pericles' oration is significant, first, by setting a topic and a division into three periods which Aristides takes up again and adapts. But above all, this is significant because, in some way, Pericles and Aristides intend to do the same thing-that is to explain Athens' excellence--in Pericles' case on the basis of the character ('CQO:ltOL) and the behaviour of the inhabitants," in Aristides' case on the basis of the original qJUOL~ which is embodied in the city's character and can be seen through its actions.

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