By Kazem Mahdavi, Deborah Koslover

This quantity represents the talks given on the convention on Interactions among illustration idea, Quantum box concept, class conception, Mathematical Physics, and Quantum details concept, held in September 2007 on the college of Texas at Tyler. The papers during this quantity, written via best specialists within the box, deal with actual facets, mathematical points, and foundational problems with quantum computation. This quantity will gain researchers drawn to advances in quantum computation and verbal exchange, in addition to graduate scholars who desire to input the sector of quantum computation

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Entanglement swapping is an approach to producing an entangled state between two independent systems via quantum measurements, and the closure of its diagrammatical description gives rise to the tight entanglement swapping scheme with a characteristic equation. , with the extended TL diagrammatical rules. Furthermore, we recognize another equivalent description of quantum teleportation in terms of the swap gate and Bell measurements, after identifying the configuration for quantum teleportation with that for the axiom of the Brauer algebra [31, 42].

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6 DB1>C35>45>D1D19>54 ´ &35 D? 4E35 >? G9>7 9BCD D85 D5B=  31> 25 B5@B5C5>D54 7B1@8931<3   B54E35C D? > 7B1@8931<D54 2I  1>4 31<3E<1D54 D? > 1>4 2531EC5 >? G> D81D /0       $       &     &  &    G8938 G85> 5F14                 $ #5HD D85 D5B=  31> 25 B5@B5C5>D54 7B1@8931<

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