By CodeSourcery LLC, Mark L. Mitchell, Alex Samuel, Jeffrey Oldham

Do not pass judgement on this ebook by means of its identify. in case you know the way to application, yet are a servant of the Microsoft Lord (we do not communicate his name), this e-book is the pathway to benefit Linux programming. it's very good written. If one has the self-discipline to paintings in the course of the a number of examples, they're going to become skilled at Linux programming, e.g., fork new techniques, enforce pthreads, comprehend universal method calls, and maybe better of all enjoy the event of the those Linux programmers. it's a effective publication on the intermediate level.

Try it out. This e-book is offered at no cost at Having an digital reproduction comes in handy for looking out, and it may be published. A thanks is to ensure that a high quality ebook made on hand to the general public, for free. thanks authors! i glance ahead to different books those fellows write. do not be shocked when you are valuing the e-book sufficient to buy a duplicate from Amazon, yet that may be a own decision.

As a severe SOB (so says my wife), I do have a few unfavorable reviews. The e-book has a few errata, so ensure that you do obtain corrections from the website. additionally, the publication is 5 years outdated, and a moment version will be fantastic. All thought of, this booklet needs to be rated five stars, interval.

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Case ENOTDIR: /* A component of PATH is not a directory. */ case EACCES: /* A component of PATH is not accessible. */ /* Something’s wrong with the file. Print an error message. */ fprintf (stderr, “error changing ownership of %s: %s\n”, path, strerror (error_code)); /* Don’t end the program; perhaps give the user a chance to choose another file... */ break; case EFAULT: /* PATH contains an invalid memory address. abort (); This is probably a bug. case ENOMEM: /* Ran out of kernel memory. */ fprintf (stderr, “%s\n”, strerror (error_code)); exit (1); default: /* Some other, unexpected, error code.

The debugger uses this information to figure out which addresses correspond to which lines in which source files, how to print out local variables, and so forth. 2 Running GDB You can start up gdb by typing: % gdb reciprocal When gdb starts up, you should see the GDB prompt: (gdb) 5. …unless your programs always work the first time. 11 02 0430 CH01 12 5/22/01 Chapter 1 10:19 AM Page 12 Getting Started The first step is to run your program inside the debugger. Try running the program without any arguments, like this: (gdb) run Starting program: reciprocal Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

When a program is invoked from the shell, the argument list contains the entire command line, including the name of the program and any command-line arguments that may have been provided. The second and third elements of the argument list are the two command-line arguments, -s and /. The first parameter, argc, is an integer that is set to the number of items in the argument list. The size of the array is argc, and the array elements point to the elements of the argument list, as NULterminated character strings.

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