By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

This targeted paintings seems on the portability, execution potency and programming software options of the complex interval. Examples are given of ways complicated C functions will be moved shape method to procedure.

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This produces the number of elements in the array, regardless of the array's data type (the array may be an array of characters or an array of structures, for instance). The next group of macros allows programs to set, reset, and test individual bits within an integer. The macros use C's bitwise operators and include parentheses to insulate the text and each parameter. This allows them to appear in arbitrary C expressions. #define SET(X,N) «X) #define RESET (X, N) #define TEST(X,N) «X) «X) Suppose aisan int,forexample.

Lowest • 42 Chapter 1 • • Summary • • The compiler treats the most significant bit as data in unsigned types. data • Integers have different formats than floating point. If the compiler interprets an integer for a float (or vice versa), programs may produce incorrect results. • C does not convert function parameters from integer to floating point and vice versa. • If a function returns something other than an integer, you must inform the compiler of the function's return data type before it's used.

The format for a multidimensional array is type name [sizel] [size2] ... [sizen] = ( initialization list Square brackets surround each size. Initialization list is optional and may contain inner braces. Multidimensional array references have the format name [expression] [expression] ... [expression] Each expression references an array subscript and must be an integer expression. The range of array subscripts follows the same rules as single dimensional array references. We'll have a lot more to say about multidimensional arrays in Chapter 3.

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