By Peter D. Hipson

The full programmer's advisor to C luck. potency suggestions and strategies for debugging C courses and bettering their pace, reminiscence utilization, and clarity. whole insurance of disk documents together with sequential entry, textual content, binary and random entry. insurance of the internals of the traditional header documents: variable, realizing the prototypes, and targeted programming issues.

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When a variable is known outside the source file, it is called an external variable. ) The extern keyword tells the compiler that the variable is being defined (and not declared). Because extern and static conflict, they cannot be used together. 6, shows a variable’s lifetime. 6. C. /* LIFETIME, written 15 May 1992 by Peter D. Hipson */ /* An example of variable lifetime. h> int nLife = {5}; // Initialize to 5, default is 0. int main(void); // Define main() and the fact that this program doesn’t // use any passed parameters.

Original Original data type in decimal Original in hex Conversion Result in hex Result in decimal long int 123123123 0x756B5B3 To short int, by truncating (the leading 0x756 is dropped). 0xB5B3 46515 short 12345 0x3039 To char by truncating and type change (the leading 0x30 is dropped). 0x39 ‘9’ 123123123123 0x1CAAB5C3B3 Convert to integer, and truncate (the leading 0x1C is dropped). 6, it’s important to remember that truncation occurs using the internal format of the number, not the number you see and use.

The first member in the array is addressed as nArray[0], and the final member is addressed as nArray[14]. Here’s an example of one of the most common coding errors: #define int int MAX_SIZE 20 nArray[MAX_SIZE]; i; /* Other lines of code */ 46 Data Types, Constants, Variables, and Arrays CCC CCC C CC 2 for (i = 1; i <= MAX_SIZE; i++) { nArray[i] = i; } In the preceding fragment, the array element nArray[15] is initialized. Your program crashes because there is no element 15. The probable result is that some part of the program (often much later past the loop) that probably is not related to the failed part either produces incorrect results or simply crashes and dies.

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