By Richard J. Schoeck (ed.)

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The excessive center a long time, and especially the interval from 1180 to 1230, observed the beginnings of a colourful literary tradition within the German vernacular. whereas major literary achievements in German had already been made in past centuries, they have been a just a little precarious vernacular extension of Christian Latin tradition.

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K. Cameron, The Fiist Book Archiepiscopum of Discipline, (Edinburgh, 1972), p. 4. 3. DNB; also the forthcoming Histoiy of St. Mary's College, by J. K. Cameron, R. G. Cant, and H. R. Sefton. 4. Henri Busson, Les souices et le développement du lationalisme dans la Litteiatuie Fiancaise de la Renaissance (1533-1601), (Paris, 1922, and reissued as Le ... ePc, Second edition, Paris, 1957), pp. 202-204, 218, and refs: references are to the 1922 edition imless otherwise stated. Also the epistle of Hay's edition of Erasmus' Hecuba-, and John Durkan, "The beginnings of humanism in Scotland," Innes Review, 4 (1953), 14-17.

But Father du Mans, a Capuchin and interpreter for the Persian Court, persuaded Kaempfer to accept employment as a physician with the Dutch East India Company. It was during the period from March 1684 to June 1688 that Kaempfer, while not at work or ill with a protracted fever (probably malaria), compiled observations on the electric torpedo fish of the Persian Gulf, the bituminous liquid thought to be the authentic embalming of ancient Egypt, the Persian dracunculus or worm which infests the human body, and asafetida.

Numa Pompilius, after Romulus the first of the kings of Rome, did the same when he instituted solemn worship of the immortal gods by the advice of some nymph or other. ^^ EUAN CAMERON I5 In fact, it is far less than clear just why Hay has included this particular legend when he has. He could have included others— Postel listed also Charondas, Zamolxis and Mahomet as well as the three above — and yet the context here is an attack on the neglect of religion and true piety by the churchmen of his day!

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