By Kaitlyn Dunnett

Tis the season to be jolly, yet in Moosetookalook, Maine, Christmas cheer is in brief provide because of a snowless wintry weather that is protecting skiers and consumers at a distance. thankfully, Liss MacCrimmon of the Scottish Emporium has a plan. . . Liss's brainstorm specializes in Tiny Teddies, the recent "hot" toy of the season. each shop around the kingdom is out of stock--except a number of wee institutions in sturdy ol' Moosetookalook. it is simple sufficient to drum up acclaim for the assumption of luring shoppers to city and holding them there with a stockingful of latest England vacation allure. Liss's actual problem lies in contending with bickering businesspeople and--once the United States learns of Moosetookalook's Tiny Teddy cache--doggedly decided shopaholics. the 1st signal of anything amiss happens while the final Tiny Teddy is summarily done: shot in the course of the center within the reveal window of grasping toy shop proprietor Gavin Thorne. however the Teddy's dying is simply a precursor to the eerily related homicide of Gavin himself... the 2 males in Liss's existence wish her faraway from the case, yet she can not help feeling to blame for beginning the fur frenzy that turns out to have resulted in Gavin's demise. along with, how can she forget about the long checklist of suspects, now not the least of whom contain Gavin's vindictive ex-wife, an unscrupulous selectman, a ski store proprietor with an awl to grind, and a rabid toy collector packing warmth in her purse..? Now, with the Twelve (or, in Scots phrases, the Daft) Days of Christmas quickly coming near near, Liss has a plate choked with issues worse than haggis to deal with, beginning with a stockroom filled with bird (don't ask), and finishing with a killer who'd wish to see Liss's goose good and completely cooked...

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His was cold and wet. “We’ve had this discussion before,” she told the big cat. ” He stretched out an oversized paw and patted her cheek with it. ” But she ran her palm over his furry head and back in a long, loving stroke before she swung her legs off the side of the bed and got up. The movement was fluid, causing only the faintest twinge and accompanied by a little early morning stiffness—both reminders that she’d had major knee surgery less than two years earlier. Liss did a few stretches to limber up, but nothing close to the routine she’d once gone through to start every day.

They passed Liss’s house—one of only two surrounding the square that was still used exclusively as a residence—and turned onto Ash Street. The Toy Box was located in the center of that short block, between the post office and Preston’s Mortuary. Thorne’s shop had no bell over the entrance. The door closed, however, with a resounding thunk that echoed in every corner of the small store. “With you in a minute,” Thorne bellowed from behind a sales counter built so high that a child would have to reach above his head to pay for a purchase.

So Tiny Teddies come in many varieties, in all sorts of get-ups. They’re considered collectible by adults as well as being toys for kids. And if you really have cornered the market on teddies in kilts, you can name your own price. But if this is such a hot item, why haven’t buyers already found your supply? ” Liss’s changeable blue-green eyes gleamed with barely suppressed excitement. “We make the buyers come here. This could be just what Moosetookalook needs. There isn’t much time, but we do still have more than two weeks until Christmas.

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