By Karma Chagme

This guide of Tibetan meditation easily and carefully provides the profound Dzogchen and Mahamudra platforms of perform.

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This precept refers to taking drugs or alcohol in order to relax and escape from the stress of the day. As soon as you realize that you have broken a precept, you should first forgive yourself and acknowledge that you are not perfect. This helps you to free your mind a little. You then retake the precepts as soon as possible and make a determination not to break the precepts again. Taking the precepts again will help to re-purify mind. Over a period of time, you will become more aware and naturally abstain from breaking them because you realize these harmful effects.

It can be practiced by everyone who has the strong desire to experience more calm and joy than ever before. We all try in many different ways to pursue happiness. This is an unmistakable way to the true happiness that goes far beyond worldly materialistic types of happiness. Some years ago in Malaysia I met the Ven. Vimalaraṁsi and was so impressed by his style of teaching meditation that I invited this always smiling monk to come and teach meditation at the Washington Buddhist Vihāra. He is not just another ordinary meditation teacher who follows the popular and modified meditation teachings of some Buddhist commentaries.

10] “Suppose a monk were to say: ‘In such and such a place there are many elders who are learned, bearers of the tradition, who know the Dhamma, the Discipline, the code of rules: I have heard and received this from those monks… this is the Dhamma, this is the Discipline, this is the Master’s teaching’, then, Monks, you should neither approve nor disapprove his words. Then, without approving or disapproving his words and expressions, this should be carefully noted and compared with the Suttas and reviewed in the light of the Discipline.

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