By Sebastian Fedden

Mian is an endangered non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language of the okay family members spoken within the Highlands fringe in western Papua New Guinea by means of nearly 1,400 audio system. This grammar is the 1st complete description of the language with precise research of tone, gender and clause chaining. The research relies on fundamental box facts recorded by means of the writer. The publication features a choice of absolutely glossed and translated texts and a be aware list.

Winner of the 2013 ALT Gabelentz Award

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Furthermore, he is supposed to investigate minor offences like theft or public misdemeanour and conduct small courts where he can administer appropriate punishment, normally small fines which have to be paid in cash and are used for the benefit of the community. The councillor does not have the authority to deal with crimes. 7. 1. Examples The Mian examples I use to illustrate and support my analysis come from six different sources. The ranking below reflects the frequency with which the different types of examples are used in this grammar.

The noun phrase chapter is shorter now because some phenomena previously discussed under this heading have been moved into a new chapter on postpositional phrases. The chapters on verb morphology and argument structure underwent substantial changes. I reanalysed three formatives, which were formerly treated as tense suffixes, as mood suffixes and abandoned the distinction between direct and indirect object. In the thesis, ‘give’ was analysed as a zero morpheme followed by the applicative suffix -b.

And /k/ vs. //. There is no voiceless bilabial stop */p/ and no voiced alveolar stop */d/. [p] is an allophone of /b/ in syllable-final devoicing environments and [d] is – at least synchronically – a word-initial allophone of /l/. 4 below. The practical orthography takes a more phonetically based approach and uses for /l/ when it is pronounced [d] or [d], and in all other cases. 1. 1. Stops /b/ is a voiced bilabial stop. It occurs syllable-initially and finally. Wordinitially, /b/ is prenasalized and realized as [mb].

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