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V. v. v. v. v. ) Aufzug, m. elevator, lift Aufzugsseil, n. lift rope, lift cable Augapfel, m. eye, eyeball Auge, n. ); bud (on plants) Augenabstand, m. interocular distance Augenblick, m. moment, instant augenblicklich, instantaneous, at once Augenblicks, instant, instantaneous Augenbraue,/, eyebrow augenfällig, clear, obvious, patent Augenglas, n. eyeglass (pi. glasses, spectacles) Augenhöhle,/, eye socket Augenlid, n. eyelid, palpebra Augenmaß, n. visual estimate Augenmesser, m. ophthalmometer augenscheinlich, apparent, seeming Augenspiegel, m.

Achsenwinkel, n. axial angle achsial, achsig, axial Achteck, n. octagon achteckig, octagonal Achtel, n. eighth, eighth part Achter, m. ) Acidität,/. acidity acidophil, susceptible to acid(s) Ackerhau, m. pl. v. v. v. ) Aderhäutchen, n. v. adjust, adapt, sort, classify, gauge Adler, m. v. ) adstringierend, astringent aequal, equal, aequi-, equi-, equal aerob, aerobisch, aerobic aerostatisch, aerostatic Affe, m. ), baobab tree After, m. anus, rectal part Aftersilber, n. dross silver agam, agamous (female descendants) of certain insects Agens, n.

Purge Abführmittel, n. ), tax, duty Abgas, n. v. v. v. ) abhandeln, treat, discuss Abhang, m. v. ) Abhitzekanal, m. waste-heat flue Abhub, m. v. v. v. decant, filter, clarify Ablaßröhre,/ -röhr, n. outlet pipe, exhaust tube, drain 3 Ablauf, m. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. v. have or carry out an abortion Abperleffekt, m. v. ) Abranchier, m. v. dry by smoking, smoke off, evaporate off Abraum, m. v. rub off, rub down, cleanse, scour, abrade Abreißfeder, / . ) Abreißfunke(n), m. v. ) Abrieb, m. abrasion Abriß, m.

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