By Shiva Girish

This ebook “21 Meditation thoughts “is a special choice of historic knowledge and non secular teachings of significant jap masters. those concepts are compiled from following assets taught by way of maximum masters from assorted cultures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Buddhist thoughts from Buddha & Atisha grasp, Kriya Yoga Tantra Yoga by means of Babaji,Sufism‎ meditations from Gurdjieff & Jalaluddin Rumi, Kashmir Shaivism -Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - through Lord Shiva.

This religious instructing can spread non secular strength, greater overall healthiness & internal peace inside of contributors. it may be valuable for quite a lot of seekers who are looking to in attaining a greater direction in lifestyles via direct historic knowledge and non secular teachings.
As the writer shiva himself is well known tantra yoga & meditation lecturers who has been engaging in sessions, workshops and coaching in a number of elements of India and in another country for a few years. He has learnt those kriyas from many various conventional Hindu Yogis, Sadhus, experts and Meditation Masters of India.

Initially this e-book used to be written for his scholars that they could perform with right guidance with no instructor, this publication can be utilized through sleek humans, newcomers, during to yoga meditation lecturers and therapists as a handbook to steer for them of their course of self transformation in day-by-day lives.

This e-book comprises right directions what to do and what to not do, in addition to transparent information regarding energetic & passive meditations, why may still we do meditation & What the differing kinds of advantages, universal sitting Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras, information about Pranayama & differing kinds prana, sorts of Nadis, (Ida - Pingala - Sushumna)Sound Mantras, targeted figuring out on seven chakras and every chakra is attached to its corresponding physique.

Following are few examples of Meditation method you get during this book:

Different different types of Yogic respiring like stomach, abdominal, Chest, complete Yogic Breathing,
Breath information, observing hole among respiring, Spinal Tantra respiring and jogging respiring meditation.
Mantra & Sound dependent meditations like Chakra Sound Meditation, Sound buzzing, Chakra Bija Mantra, identify Mantra, So Hum Mantra And Aum Mantra Meditation Techniques.
Active meditations like chakra dance, cease Dance, sufi whirling meditation and extra, the concepts percentage during this booklet can't be defined through phrases, however it will be comprehend through your individual direct Experience!!!

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Objective: • Issues concerning birth. • Patterns of survival and generation. • Relationship towards money and food. • Issue related to health and stability. Second Chakra – Sacral Chakra Traditional Name: Svadhistana Chakra 2. Sacral Chakra Traditional name: Svadhishtana Layer: Emotional Colour: Orange Element: Water Location: Below the belly button / lower abdomen; 2-3 inches below the navel Ruling planet: Mars Related gland: Genital / Urinary system Sound: “OOO” Mantra: “VAM” The meaning of the Sanskrit word “Svadhishtana” is sweetness.

18. Voluntary and involuntary breathing is possible, but humans can change the pattern and technique with the help of breathing consciously. 19. To keep the abdominal as well as intestinal muscles strong, deep breathing is recommended. Introduction about Kashmir Shaivism - Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Vigyan Bhairav Tantra: a way forward to the attainment of “Wisdom and Insight of Pure Consciousness”. “Vigyan” in Sanskrit means science; “Bhairav” is the state which is beyond consciousness (Lord Shiva).

No other nadi is capable of carrying Kundalini to the higher levels. it is not possible to arouse Kundalini without awakening Sushumna Nadi. Sushumna nadi is awakened through regular practice of Pranayama or tantric breathing techniques. Once this nadi is awakened, it is possible to bring the mind to single pointedness without any effort. It is said in ancient texts that only a small percentage of brain functions in the daily life. Almost one tenth of the whole brain function and the other is locked.

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